Everything you need in coins!

Whether you are just starting to collect coins or you're looking to complete your collection, come see us at Smith Jewelry! We are known throughout St Charles, MO and its surrounding communities for being a reliable coin dealer. We can offer you the finest coins, as well as buying your coins at honest prices. And we always provide you with excellent service that exactly suits your needs!

You can buy coins

Interested in buying coins? You may enjoy simply browsing through our extensive selection. Or, if you're looking for something in particular, we can use our connections and experience as a coin dealer to find exactly what you are after. Whatever you need, our expert staff in St Charles is here to help you in every way.

You can sell coins

Have you just inherited a box of old coins or stumbled across a collection of antique coins in your attic? Come to Smith Jewelry in St Charles to talk to a coin dealer who will use scientific methods to assess the provenance and value of your coins, and then tell you exactly what they are worth.

There is never any pressure for you to sell your coins--however, if you choose to sell them to us, you can count on receiving a fair price!
Excellent service

As an experienced coin dealer, we are proud to say that collectors throughout the St Charles area know and trust our services. However, we also provide less experienced customers with the best in service. We understand that not everyone is an expert on coins. If you're new to buying coins, we make sure to answer all of your questions. If you are selling, we take the time to discuss the process behind our valuation. As a family-owned store, we always offer a personal touch!
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